Bespoke Catering
& Private Dining

We want all of our customers to know where our products come from and to have the experience of tasting the real flavour of our ingredients.



We cater for a variety of different occasions, creating unique experiences that are tailor made to each of our customers. Ultimately, our goal is to link you to the origin of each ingredient, from farm to table. Each menu is customized according to the best produce available each season. Our bespoke catering events range from corporate, to an intimate dinner family and friends or private parties. Our aim is to serve food that makes you happy and is to your taste.

Twopack Kitchen - Catering Events

Private Dining

Our private dining and home chef services aim to bring an exclusive experience without the fuss and formalities of fine dining. We believe that a simple and informal approach are the key to make food that tastes good, without losing the charm. From breakfast, brunch and dinner parties we design bespoke menus to fit each of our clients’ needs and tastes.


Woodfire Kitchen

Fire is the oldest form of cooking. We have been inspired by various forms of barbecues around the world to design an outdoor kitchen perfect for any occasion. Smoking, flame, grilling, “asado de cruz” Argentinean style of barbecue are all included in our methods. Outdoor eating brings people together, enjoying each other’s company and eating great food.


Picnics & Lunch Boxes

We provide a picnic delivery service at the beach or at your home. Enjoy a healthy meal outdoors that includes salads, fresh juices, fruits and sandwiches served in a charming picnic or lunch box. This is an excellent way to eat light, fresh meals without having to leave the comfort of the poolside or the shade of the parasol on the beach.



We would love to share our cooking knowledge and recipes with you! Book us in for a range of cooking workshops and classes. We will help you to develop your cooking skills and knowledge about products. Contact us via the details below for workshops ranging from bread and dough making to vegan desserts and barbecue techniques.

Twopack Kitchen - Bespoke Catering Events


Rather than following more traditional food consultancy model, we like to think of our services as sharing ideas and experiences. We provide guidance to local business and individuals so they can get the best outcomes. We believe that when you interact in a friendly and open way with your neighbors, you are also engaging and building the community, thus creating more opportunities for everyone.