Connecting People
Through Food

TwoPack is a gastronomical experience that goes beyond the simple act of eating food. Our goal is to connect people through food and at the same time explore ways to create food in a more conscious and sustainable way.

What we do

Kitchen & Catering

We cater for any occasion, creating unique experiences tailor-made for each customer. Ultimately, our goal is to link you to the essence of each ingredient you eat, from farm to table.

Travel, cook & live

Our journey takes paths through different countries, sometimes taking us out of our comfort zone into unknown places and cultures.

Pop-Ups & Supper Clubs

Our gatherings are simply an excuse to put good food, friends and family together under the same roof, showcasing our suppliers produce on each plate we put out.

About us

The Chef

António is the Chef, the hands and creativity behind each plate. Born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, he moved to Portugal in the early 90’s. He lived and trained as a chef in London for over 10 years, working in some Michelin starred restaurants such as “St. John” and “D.O.M.” in São Paulo. Recently he was the Chef founder of Cavalariça in Comporta and he has established himself as a creative force in Comporta’s gastronomic scene. Lately, he was head chef at “The Insólito”, the rooftop restaurant of the boutique hotel “The Independente” in Lisbon’s downtown.

The Planner

Marta is António’s co-partner and helps António in the kitchen, but she also takes care of all the events planning. She has studied Hotel Management and Business Administration in Lisbon and has worked under the Ritz Carlton and Marriott hotels, before moving to Brazil for two years to the Vila Galé 5-star Resort in Bahia. Recently, She has worked as offline sales and events manager for the hotel group “The Independente Collective”.

Our Menus

The Menus provided are samples created by Twopack Kitchen. We always adapt to our clients’ requirements and needs. We love designing and creating menus that please our clients whilst keeping to different budget requirements. check them out: